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  • Stone

    Edward Norton and Robert De Niro are the main draw for this prison drama, which otherwise paints a confused picture of the thin line between law man and law breaker which never quite hits its mark.

  • Cell 211

    What would you do if you woke up in a cell during violent riots on your first day as a prison official? This is the terrifying premise behind Daniel Monz√≥n’s prison drama, Cell 211. With fine perfomances from Alberto Ammann as the quick thinking official, and Luis Tosar as the menacing ‘Malamadre’, or ‘Badass’, little wonder that the Spanish thriller picked up eight Goya awards.

  • Dog Pound

    Dog Pound details the lives of Davis, Angel and Butch as they try unsuccessfully to stay out of trouble in a Montana detention facility. Director Kim Shapiron addresses gang violence, corrupt prison guards and rape in this brutal drama, which contains haunting moments in spite of the ubiquitous nature of the genre.

  • Lindsay Lohan is released

    Ahh… we love the smell of justice evasion in the morning. After serving 2 weeks of a 90 day sentence, Lindsay Lohan has been released from prison, and is expected to start a rehab program as soon as possible. And when we say “rehab program”, we probably mean “a couple of days worth of saying sorry and drinking ribena”.

  • Lindsay Lohan jailed

    Oh dear, Lindsay. Less than a week after getting into trouble for running up a massive shopping bill and casually forgetting she had to pay it, Lindsay has landed herself in prison. For thievery? Nope. For not attending alcohol education classes. There’s only so far the law can bend for the celeb-type, it seems.