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  • Love and Other Drugs

    Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway star in this refreshingly good romantic comedy drama. With commendable performances from both leads and a great supporting cast, Love and Other Drugs is a sexy and unconventional take on love and relationships.

  • Life As We Know It

    She’s that character, he’s that other character, they end up in that situation and in the end, the thing happens. Congratulations, you’ve just watched Life As We Know It. Can we go and do some suicide now?

  • Just Wright

    Why is it that good guys finish last, good girls get the guy in the end and good dogs can save boys in trouble (stop looking so smug, Lassie)? Who knows, but it just keeps happening. Without wishing to give the game away, you can pretty much expect the expected in romantic comedy, Just Wright. But it’s not all bad! The good news is that this film, despite its formulaity, plays with your pleasure zones and leaves you warm and satisfied. Like tomato soup when it’s raining.

  • Going The Distance

    Comedy veteran Drew Barrymore and an astonishingly buff Justin Long sparkle in this bromance/romance about all that stuff that rom-coms are about. Though it uses every trick in the book, fantastic lead performances, a killer soundtrack and a focus on comedy rather than fluff makes Going The Distance a cut above the rest.

  • The Switch

    The Switch is arguably Jennifer Aniston’s best movie since The Good Girl. This no-surprises summer rom-com sells itself as “Jennifer Anniston turkey bastes herself a baby” – but if you don’t like rom coms then switch that with “gentle comedy about a shy man’s attempts to get to know his son” and then just don’t watch it. You weaselly genius!

  • Valentine’s Day: DVD Review

    Valentine’s Day eh? There’s no getting away from the hatred of it. Either you’re not in a relationship and you’re sick of being reminded of the fact, or you are and you’re sick of being reminded that you’re not the lover you should be. It’s lose/lose. And no number of happy cuddly bears are going to change that. Nothing demonstrates this collective bitterness better than the natural reaction to Valentine’s Day – Garry Marshall’s sugar-coated tale of romance and heartbreak.

  • The Back-Up Plan

    Absence should make the heart grow fonder but has anyone missed Jennifer Lopez on the big screen during her four-year hiatus to raise fraternal twins with husband Marc Anthony? The slow-burning 1998 thriller Out Of Sight with George Clooney remains her best work, sandwiched between the camp B-movie Anaconda and numerous instantly-forgettable romantic comedies. Lopez makes her return to pouting in front of the camera in Alan Poul’s whimsical chick flick, which asserts that love happens when you least expect it. Excited? Yep.

  • Watch This Space: Movies Coming Soon

    You know what we enjoy doing? Going to the future. We also enjoy going back to the future, but we gotten into copyright problems with that before. The point is, we’ve risked life and limb to discover what films are hitting our screens in upcoming weeks. Don’t ask us how we’ve done it. All we’ll say is that the Wikipedia Towers of the future are a terrifying and overly bear-guarded place. So, should you save our pennies for an upcoming epic, or splurge like there’s no tomorrow on the flicks out now? We’ve got the answers right here.