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  • Chinese lawyer sues cinema for adverts

    It’s one of those things we accept as just another kick to the groin of our lives; if you’re going to the cinema, you have to put up with the adverts. These days cinemas show up to 20 minutes of ads before the feature presentation, and we’ve all learnt to grin and bear it. But one woman has decided that enough is enough

  • Seagal under siege

    Having committed numerous crimes against acting and decency over the last 20 years, news has emerged that Hollywood laughing stock Steven Seagal is being sued by a former assistant claiming that he sexually abused her and trafficked other women. Kayden Nguyen, 23, alleges that she was Seagal’s ‘sex toy’ and was sexually assaulted three times before fleeing his New Orleans home. Nguyen also added that Seagal kept two Russian ‘sex slaves’.

  • Brangelina Sue British Press

    After being asked to retract speculation about Brad Pittand Angelina Jolies meeting with a divorce lawyer, The News Of The World has ploughed on with the marriage-break-up story regardless. And now they have to face the wrath of two of the biggest celebrities in the world. We don’t know about them, but we’d be scared.