News of the World pays out to Brad and Angie

No-one messes with the world’s most beautiful couple. Yesterday it was announced that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie accepted undisclosed damages at the high court in London to settle their privacy claim against the News of the World.

In January, the UK newspaper had claimed that the couple were separating after visiting a divorce lawyer, apparently agreeing to divide up their £205m fortune and custody of their six children. The couple immediately refuted the claims and their lawyers wrote to the paper asking them to retract the article. The paper – acting as every publication should after being found out as massive porky tellers – ignored them. Twice. What’s a weepingly gorgeous, peace-loving couple to do? Sue their asses, it turns out

Brangelina’s lawyer had this to say about the situation; “When the News of the World failed to publicly retract the allegations and apologise for them – thereby leaving their readers in the dark as to the true position – the couple felt they had no alternative than to sue,” he said. “Today’s victory marks the end of the litigation brought by Brad and Angelina.”

Good old News of The World. This means that in the last five years, the paper has been sued by David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Ashley Cole, Tommy Sheridan, Norwich City Football club and now Brad and Angelina. Nothing like quality journalism, eh?

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