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  • Rudolf: First Snow

    Director Carl Turkeybaster was faced with an almost impossible task when Werner Bros’ approached him to direct Rudolf: First Snow – but the man went above and beyond in creating this truly incredible cinematic masterpiece.

  • Night of the UnLiving Reindeer 17: Vixen goes to Hell

    When mutant reindeer zombies once again take over Lapland, tearing into presents and the elven population alike, it is up to an ageing Santa to save the day once again. Skipping cinema’s out of principle and not lack of quality, we take a trip down to the local bargain-bin to see what this latest instalment has in store.

  • A Very Orcy Christmas

    Bringing together the two worlds of climate change and violence-based Christmas entertainment is a dream shared by film-makers across the globe. But when Peter Jackson first announced his eco-festive Lord Of The Rings spin-off – A Very Orcy Christmas – the world was shocked not only by the decision itself, but the fact that he planned to make it an “animated erotic thriller”. So did the risk pay off? We’re happy to tell you that it did.

  • The Holiday Centipede

    “IS THIS THE SICKEST FILM EVER?” screamed the headlines of The Sun when Tom Six’s grisly The Human Centipede was released in 2009. The controversial director has returned to the subject matter of needles, thread, mouths and arses to executive-produce an unexpected prequel – and to our surprise, the tone of the series has made an altogether pleasing jump from surgical horror to offbeat comedy. The Holiday Centipede is a festive treat for the whole family, provided the whole family is aged 18 or over.