Second trailer for American Pie: Reunion

Times might have changed; Bieber might be knocking up girls, the world might be slowly heating up and Cadbury’s have that new biscuit out, but at least we know that some things in life are constant. Things like the cast of American Pie, for instance. Look, we never said you’d be particularly reassured. New trailer for American Pie: Reunion! These people are eerily ageless!

It’s been a few months since we got a first peek at the premise of American Pie: Reunion, and we’ve barely been able to think about anything else since. Lucky for us then, that there’s another slice to be digested. This time Jim may or may not try and get off with a teenager and Stifler will almost definitely do a shit in something. Here you go, you can watch safe in the knowledge that the appearance of the wonderful Jennifer Coolidge at the very end almost makes it all worthwhile:

At the very least, this looks a lot better than the previous American Pie money-spinners. It seems to have been crafted with the joys of the first, seminal (would we call it seminal? We’re going to call it seminal) 90s gross-out teen flick in mind. Does that make us any more excited? Not really. But heck, whatever gives us an excuse to watch Chris Klien audition for Mamma Mia again

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