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  • Hanna

    An eclectic amalgam of Cold War thriller, girl’s-own coming-of-age yarn and superhero origin story, Hanna could have easily wound up resembling a cinematic patchwork of half-baked genre constituents. It’s a great relief, then, that Hanna is much more than the sum of its (many) parts.

  • Who’s Directing My Fair Lady?

    We all heard the news a few months ago, a film remake (yawn) of My Fair Lady, directed by Joe Wright- the man who brought us Keira Knightley being all big-chinny in Pride and Prejudice and Keira Knightley playing ‘my chin is quite sad’ in Atonement. But wait! Today it’s been announced that this whole Joe Wright palava is one big porky.

  • The Soloist

    This film adaptation of Steve Lopez’s real-life friendship with schizophrenic musician Nathaniel Ayers has two of the year’s best performances from stand-out actors. But a cheesy screenplay and cliched directorial treatment make it a little forgettable.