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  • Shrek Forever After

    “Abandon all hope ye who enter here”. Such reads the sign that confronts Queen Lillian and King Harold as they approach the unfriendly terrain of Rumpelstiltskin’s land in the opening scene of Shrek Forever After. 93 minutes later and you are left wondering who the words were really directed at. Beneath the fireworks of what has been celebrated as the the final chapter of a universally adored franchise lies an apology for an exit that is more dogged than triumphant.

  • Extra! Extra! The World of the Film Extra…

    Picture a day on the set of a big-budget Hollywood film. The scene comprises pimped-out trailers peopled with an entourage of lovies. You have make-up artists and busybodies loading dressing tables with edible gold leaf (low cal, obv) and Peruvian mineral water chilled at exactly 1.5 degrees, not to mention L.A.’s most sought after spray-tanner contouring in washboard abs on some screen starlet’s 14” waist. Okay, now exit the trailer and look to your right…

  • Dead Snow

    Thanks to the tag-line “Ein Zwei Die!”, it was love at first sight for me and Dead Snow, a Norwegian zombie film in which a group of fine young things find themselves conveniently isolated from rescue in a snug, wooden ski cabin.