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  • Top 10 rebootable franchises (that aren’t Beverly Hills Cop)

    It’s no big news that Hollywood loves an unoriginal idea. Sequels, prequels, reboots, remakes – if it’s already made money, it’s going to make more. The latest Tinseltown news to set your eyeballs rolling is that we can now expect a 4th instalment from the Beverly Hills Cop series. It’s been 10 years since Eddie Murphy’s trash talking cop has graced our screens. The franchise is the pinnacle of 80s nostalgia – and that’s probably where it should remain.

  • Back in Vue #5 – A Clockwork Orange

    Back in Vue, this season’s fantastic series of cult films reappearing in Vue cinemas, continues with A Clockwork Orange, one of Stanley Kubrick’s most controversial and beautiful films – and one which had an early effect on our very own Nicola Marchant. Freshen up your mascara and read on…

  • Electrick Children

    Debut director and escaped Amish person Rebecca Thomas’ first film is a meditation on the explosive meeting between the modern world and her antiquated upbringing. The usual rookie errors are very much in evidence, but solid performances and a compelling aesthetic make Electrick Children well worth a watch.

  • Beauty

    The winner of this year’s Cannes Queer Palm, Oliver Hermanus’ Beauty is a bleak look at the secret life of a closeted South African homosexual. But does its visceral insight into the specifics of its subject overshadow the importance of the societal pressures at hand?

  • Silent Cinema in the Digital Age

    The first silent film to win an award in ninety years is doing more than that – it’s sweeping the board at every ceremony going. But will The Artist‘s unprecedented success herald a new trend of homages to the silent films which continue to shape modern pop culture? Nicola Marchant finds out more…

  • Why the Hollywood drag queen reigns supreme

    To celebrate the imminent release of The British Guide To Showing Off – a marvellously mad documentary centring on the annual Alternative Miss World pageant – we reckon it’s important to remember what it is about cinematic cross-dressing that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. From Patrick Swayze to Robin Williams, from Toni Collette to Tony Curtis – we don our heels, our moustaches and our classiest bejelewed thongs and embrace the wonderful world of drag…

  • Final Destination 5

    A strategic yacht with an extra long and pointy mast sails beneath a woman falling from airborne wreckage; spearing her guts out in an awesome splatter of blood and gore. It could only be Final Destination… in 3D! Again. Derivative, repetitive and deeply boring, it’s time Death came for this tired old franchise.

  • Jig

    The hair is piled high, the fake tan abounds and the rhinestones have been polished to within an inch of their lives; it’s time to melt into the ridiculously enjoyable world of Irish dance with Jig.