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CS is a Toronto resident (lucky guy, with the Toronto Film Festival on tap!). As endearingly humble as his blog title suggests, CS points out that he has a deep and eclectic love of cinema, and one of his aims is to highlight directors or films we might not otherwise have heard of. Which he achieves frequently.

This blog is a quiet favourite of the LAMB community – expect regulars, a warm family feel, conversational and smart comments on posts. CS posts nearly every day and takes care to keep broadening his film horizons (and taking us along for the ride), so expect friendly and down-to-earth commentary on anything from a documentary about Boy Cheerleaders to (critically ill-fated) blockbusters like Sucker Punch.

One thing you can usually expect to find is a social conscience. CS does longer, thoughtful posts. At the time of writing he’s covering a lot of work showing at Hot Docs, the Canadian international documentary film festival. A black Canadian himself, he’s drawn our attention to some wonderful, inspirational documentaries featuring a racial perspective – like the documentary on the ‘Lumberfros’ – the highly skilled workers being forced by immigration policy into the forestry field.

We at appreciate this. It’s refreshing and cathartic to find blogs on a mission to explore film territory that is, for the most part, uncharted.

CS takes his position as a LAMB community member seriously and, like so many film bloggers out there, is a very generous soul in his relationship with his readers.

Big Thoughts From a Small Mind, we salute you!

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