A Solstice Miracle

Long before Christ was born and Christmas became the world’s greatest celebration, when the Greek Gods conjured humans to do as they wish and the Romans ruled the world, there was a land of milk and honey with green meadows and sparkling waterfalls, fertile soils, fruits and candies grow in trees, milk and honey flow from the creek. Friendly animals lived with the peaceful, merry people of this wonderful realm!! They were ruled by a smart and kind king that improved everyone’s lives with his decisions along with his beautiful queen. They lived in a castle on the hill with their daughter, the princess, the servants were talking teaspoons, teapots, chairs, candle holders, mirrors and closets. The children and young maidens played with the lambs on the meadows, the sky was clear blue and everyone was happy. In winter, the snow covered the land like a white, protective blanket and land was even more beautiful celebrating the winter solstice, the greatest celebration of the year. It was heaven on earth and earth in heaven.

On one solstice Eve, the sky turned into dark and it was covered with livid clouds that overwhelmed the land compared with the Elysian Fields. A black wizard found out about the land’s treasure’s and decided to conquer this ancient Shangri’La and the riches it hid: the purity of the children and maidens. He stole the prince and he charmed the king’s soul and he’s heart became a heart of darkness and hate for purity. The queen became an ocean of sadness and deceit took over her mind and her soul because she couldn’t have children. She left the king and went to the orphanage to take care of abandoned children, while none knew who she was. The king cursed the solstice day and whoever celebrates it was thrown in jail. The beautiful land turned black, the people were poor and sad, the animals weren’t friendly anymore and everything good turned into dust in an hourglass of sand. It all lasted for one year.

On solstice Eve next year, the princess returned, she was a good wizard now, learned from old Merlin all the magic tricks to save his land and his people. She fought the black wizard’s spells with his own and because of the goodness of hher heart and the purity that still existed in the people’s hearts, she defeated the black wizard and like in a mirror good overwhelmed dark and the land became beautiful and peaceful again. The people were happy and satisfied, the animals were good and friendly, the children and the maidens played on the meadows with unicorns and paradise was on earth again.

By Claudia Salajan

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