Frost’s Hearts

If you remember fondly the TV kid’s film “Jack Frost” from 1979, then you may want to move away from your computer right now. This film takes the basic story from it, and makes it darker and sexier. The premise is that the mystic being known as Jack Frost, played by Gaspard Ulliel, did fall in love with a girl named Elisa (Izabella Miko) and made a deal with Father Winter (Damian Lewis) to become human forever if he obtains shelter, wealth, and a bride before the first hour of Spring . But she marries a Lord Kraus (Terry O’Quinn) at the first hour of spring instead of him and he becomes a sprite once more only now he is angry and heartbroken. This all takes place in a town called “Winter’s Grove”. This whole flashback montage is one of the best scenes in this film and in any film I have watched in years.

The film jumps into the present holiday season in “Winter’s Grove” with a week before Christmas and another woman named Elisa, only this time it’s Gemma Arterton, looking like she would rather be fighting giant badgers, and Jamie Campbell Bower as her sweet boyfriend, Wade troubled by the death of a local woman the night before. Turns out that Jack’s back with a hunger for frozen hearts and he does not wait to remove them before he freezes them. While the killings are unique, you’ll never see chess pieces the same again, and the special effects great, they cannot change the poor story and painful dialog. They characters do not see a connection between Elisa now and the Elisa in the story or that the sheriff is named Winters played by, you guessed it, Damian Lewis. By the time the characters figure out that Elisa is related to story Elisa, Jack has her in his den of snowiness. We then get to see an orgy of Jack, Elisa, and the women he killed early in the film, only they’re now made of ice. The ending has a twist that makes no sense, even for this mess of a film. But the acting and cinematography is amazing, and there are moments of real tension and terror. You just have to look pass the bad story and writing.

By Stephen Milligan

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