Clint Eastwood Drinking Game

Part 1. Gun toting Neo-Con Clint.
(For this you will need to mix yourself a series of uptight, conservative drinks. Choose from: A White Wine Spritzer, a Gin and Tonic, a good Melot or a Bitter shandy.)

Start at the beginning of Clint’s career and have a dink when:

A. He shoots a bunch of guys at once.

B. He shoots one guy from a frankly unbelievable distance.

C. He takes his hat off to reveal hair taller than Robert Pattinson’s.

D. He says something iconic like: ‘Get three coffins ready.’ ‘I don’t think it’s nice you laughing.’ ‘Do you feel lucky?’ or ‘There are two kinds of people in this life, those with guns and those who dig. You dig.’

Part 2. Woolly Liberal Clint.
(For this you will require a series of less conservative drinks. Choose from: A Cosmopolitan, a Captain Mogan and Coke, an Ultimate Iced Tea, Stella Artois.)

Fast forward to the end of Clint’s career and have a drink when:

A. He has the chance to shoot someone but doesn’t.

B. He says something that deconstructs his own myth. For example; ‘I ain’t like that anymore, kid.’ ‘Hell of a thing killing a man.’ ‘Get off my lawn.’

C. Then drink whatever you can get you hands on to help you endure sitting through Space Cowboys, True Crime, Bloodwork, Absolute Power, The Bridges of Madison County, Invictus or Hereafter

Good luck, punks!

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