Friday Drinking Game #17 – Superman

After seeing the first picture of Henry Cavill as the new Superman, the Man of Steel has been stuck to the mind like a fly on fly-paper to the point where nothing would bring more pleasure than to get wasted to the point where you think you can fly (we do not condone attempting this in ANY way) all in his good name.

Take one sip:

Whenever Perry White yells. That vein at the side of his head will burst at any minute

Whenever Clark says something ever so Clark like. Personal favourites include “swell”.

Whenever he spouts some kind of heroic I’m-going-to-deliver-justice talk (normally he’ll be standing with his massive cannons – arms – crossed).

When he rips his shirt open and reveals the suit. Woohoo, our favourite part no doubt, and was the primary cause of shirt ripping everywhere.

Take two sips:

Whenever Clark considers telling Lois Lane who he really is. You know, when he stands (or kneels) looking so damn serious and he takes off his glasses awaiting her return so she will fly (figuratively speaking of course) into his arms because she realizes she’s loved him all along! But then at the last minute he decides it’s not a good idea, puts the glasses back on and reverts to being Clark.

Whenever he saves the world (or just Metropolis) from a series of cataclysmic disasters. Be it two missiles careening off in two different directions or an earthquake/ gas explosion/ ‘save people from falling glass and catch the Daily planet sphere’ mish-mash of events.

Whenever Lex Luthor thinks he has an ingenious plan. They tend to be totally silly and seemingly impossible, yet the most famous bald man in the world still manages to pull it off – that is at least until Superman stops him.

Kick back a shot…

When Clark/Superman visits the fortress. That place is cold dude. You’re going to need some shots of bourbon to warm the blood.

…followed by a further two shots

If Jor-El speaks. You’re going to need your dutch courage when dealing with this bad-ass


When Superman tragically gets exposed to kryptonite. If he’s going to die, you should at least show some support by knocking yourself out.

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