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  • Friday Drinking Game #82 – Biopics

    It’s Friday, Friday, you’ve gotta get down on Friday. You’ve also got to take part in our drinking game. The Look of Love is out today, so we could have done something porn-related to satiate you horny individuals, but we went for biopics so there. While you’re reading, and if you’re not completely caned by the end, have a think about who you’d like to play you in a biopic and let us know below. We’re opting for Pan’s People. They’d be a great BFF, don’t you think?

  • Friday Drinking Game #81 – Trees

    How lovely are your branches! We’re celebrating the release of sex-for-charity documentary F*ck For Forest by playing our drinking game, which is all about trees this week. Tall ones, talking ones, ones that’ll take off your head. They’re all here, so read on.

  • Drinking Game #80 – Presidents

    The man in the big white house has been portrayed in films more times than Sherlock Holmes, but why? Well we’re not going to answer that question, but what we do have for you is a nifty little drinking game to put you in a patriotic mood – if you’re American.

  • Friday Drinking Game #79 – Alien Invasions

    It’s TGIF, people! And as such, we at BFF have devised another cunning way for you to get off-your-rocker-hammered with a Friday Drinking Game that is devoted whole heartedly to our alien neighbors. Not the mind-your-business-and-we’ll-mind-ours variety but the kind that has a bit of a hard-on for invasion. Seems fitting really, seeing as both The Host and Dark Skies are now on show at a cinema near you.

  • (Good) Friday Drinking Game #46 – Jesus Christ

    Do you know what? Good Friday is depressing. It’s all about Jesus dying, in pain and agony, and we can’t think of a more misleading religious holiday. It should be called… I dunno, BAD Friday. DEAD Friday. Something more honest, at least. Whatever. Because we’re good people, we’re going to inject the ‘Good’ back into our Friday with lots of alcohol and plenty of Jesus-fuelled fun. it’s what he would’ve wanted…

  • Friday Drinking Game #77 – Robots

    It’s Friday! In honour of the brilliant Robot and Frank, released today, we will be taking a look into the not-so-distant-future (cos if we took a look into the really distant future, it wouldn’t be Friday any more) and getting off our little human faces with the help of some of our non-human friends. Get (Optimus) primed and ready and LET’S  GET PISSED ROBO-STYLE!

  • Friday Drinking Game #76 – Baz Lurhmann

    Hello Friday drinkers! This week we have decided to created a boozy game in honour of the Australian extravaganza maker Baz Lurhmann to mark the UK rerelease of his hits Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge! Join us, darlings, for a bit of insufferable inebriation. Put on your dancing shoes and grab your copy of Gatsby, for this one’s gonna need some tools.

  • Friday Drinking Game #75 – Supernatural Romance

    In honour of the release of not-actually-dreadful supernatural romance Beautiful Creatures, we’re going to spend our Friday night submerged in the murky pool of Hollywood’s latest obsession, the supernatural romance. If you start feeling funny at the sight of non-standard dentition, or you’ve ever wanted to marry someone whose hands need combing at the end of the month, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Friday Drinking Game #74 – Zombie Films

    To herald the release of Warm Bodies, we’ve got a brand spanking new drinking game that’ll require you to wipe the dust off your copy of Night of the Living Dead and drink. A lot. No longer will you need to be afraid of these flesh-eating terrorists, because every time they do something irrational or conventionally zombie-like, you’ll be drunk and won’t notice when they eat your face off.