Friday Drinking Game #2 – Back to the Future

Continuing our award-winning theme of drinking games based around films which contain little or no drinking, this week we’re focusing on the best best BEST time-travelling 80s trilogy of all time; Back to the Future. Crack open your DVD boxset (or splash out on the new Blu-Ray – you might as well do it now, if you try after completing the game you’ll probably end up buying four hundred identical scarves and a Thai bride as well) and drink-along-a-Marty!

Take one sip when…

Any part of the script is copy-pasted between scenes or films. Particular emphasis on “Great Scott!” “This is heavy…” and “Say hi to your mom for me.” Also, whenever the latter phrase is uttered you must immediately go and say hi to your mum for Biff.

Any actor appears as two different characters in the same scene. Double your drink if either character is wearing a hat of any description. Triple it if anyone screams or rehydrates a pizza.

Anyone puts on a shit voice for any reason. This includes 2015 Biff Tannen’s barking, 1955 Lorraine’s terrifying ‘sexy’ voice and anything which could under any circumstances be described as Irish.


Take two sips when…

Marty spectacularly fails to get over himself re: the whole ‘chicken’ thing. Take an extra gulp if he’s impersonating his son because said son is insufficiently willing to be an aggressive git.

Biff or any of his oafish contemporaries encounter manure. Feel free to pause the DVD and question its colour if it happens to be green. Also wonder why Hill Valley is so overwhelmingly, inexplicably full of shit.

You want to punch George McFly for being a raring twat. Key moments include: not wanting to miss Science Fiction Theatre, dithering over the use of ‘goddamn’ and laughing like he’s trying to shift an awkward lump of chocolate milk/frantically avoiding rape by Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan.


Drink all the drinks when…

You understand a single one of the Doc’s scientific pronouncements, in its entirety. Finish off the bottle if you can be bothered to correct his pronunciation of ‘gigawatt’.

The Department of Backstory takes over the script for more than five seconds. Interestingly enough, a quirk in the space-time continuum means that nobody ever sees BTTF for the first time. So EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN. SHUT UP.

80s special effects happen. Fire trails, dry ice, green-screen hovering and anyone trying to fade out of existence are all double-penalty. If Elizabeth Shue tries to act, smash the television.


If you’re not dead yet…

Do a shot every time somebody doesn’t save the clock tower. Have fun!


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