Short Film Spotlight: Mike

Great news! A mere eight and a half years after the launch of YouTube, we’ve finally jumped on the video bandwagon and started filming things in real life for you lot to watch with your eyes. We’ve been running our occasional Short Film of the Week (or month, or year) feature for as long as we can remember, and since our last film night was all about short films we thought we’d combine the two and bring you laughter, frolics and tipsy insight from the cast and crew of each of the short films we showed at August’s Best For Film Presents….

Kicking off this festival of crackly microphones and slightly strong language is our interview with Cal King, writer-director of the brilliant Mike, and a cross-section of his cast. If you missed out on seeing Mike, you can do so below.

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Isn’t that brilliant? But it’s not all! To celebrate the fact that we hosted the WORLD BLOODY PREMIERE of Mike, here’s Cal and his stars Duncan Vicat-Brown and Florence Vincent talking about the film itself. Full credit for this video goes to camera-owning person Jamie Drew, the stars, the Genesis Cinema (they own the wall) and whoever else might potentially sue us – and do try to ignore the interviewer.

Well, well – lessons learnt all round, we fancy. Florence doesn’t bother to bring her own mug tree to sets but she does wear her own clothes, Cal has a truly pitiful attention span and Duncan favours a relatively deep V even onstage.

Be sure to check back tomorrow, when we’ll be bringing you an interview with the stars of Cooks, whilst on Thursday the creative team behind Anna vs. the Dead will be making an appearance. And if you like this video malarkey, please do comment below – we’ve got loads of great ideas for things to film, but we shan’t bother getting haircuts and so on if you aren’t going to watch them.

Do you want to see Best For Film move around and make noises more often? Let us know below – you earn epoints for every comment, after all, so everyone’s a winner!

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