TGIM! The Festival Of Dangerous Ideas

Whatever ideas are governing the world at the moment, it’s pretty safe to say that they’re rubbish. Debt, climate-horror, famine, disease, the Kardashians; it’s about time we tossed out the old ways of thinking and tried something new. On Saturday 17th March the lovely people over at London’s Rich Mix are dedicating an entire day to differing perspectives in a joyful, bizarre, silly and sensational Festival of Dangerous Ideas. With a line up that includes Josie Long, Tony Benn, Owen Jones and more, this promises to a an explosion of screenings, workshops, live performances, art and music. And Paul Mason will be there! Paul Mason, off of Newsnight!

Below are some highlights of the day, of most interest to us film-types might be the “Guerilla Film Workshop” which sounds like great fun; scripting, shooting and filming a short within 12 hours. We have no doubt that the results will all be totally amazing, and not four minutes of very meaningful balloons or cups of tea or something. Look on and get excited:

The writing on the wall
Folk singer Roy Bailey and veteran activist Tony Benn present a widely acclaimed tour of radical history which takes us all the way from the Peasant’s Revolt to contemporary socialist politics. Pandit G of The Asian Dub Foundation, among others, will DJ providing dance-floor inspiration late into the night through Hip-Hop, Dub and Electronica.

Art belongs on the streets
Three of Britain’s most subversive artists challenge the complacency of the contemporary art world. Situationist poet Rob Montgomery, joins Peter Kennard and Cat Philips to discuss art, politics and resistance.

Guerilla Film Workshop
The Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Four Man Films and Reel News present a guerilla film workshop with participants scripting, shooting, editing and displaying the finished product – all in twelve hours!

Theatre of the Oppressed
An interactive workshop of exercises, games, image techniques and improvisations. It promises to develop and reshape the art of theatre by turning it into a tool for comprehending social problems – and finding their solutions.

‘Why it’s kicking off everywhere’
Paul Mason, BBC Newsnight’s economics editor will discuss the subject of his latest book and the amazing events of the last year with Lindsey German and Sanum Ghafoor; from the student rebellions to revolution and riots.

For booking info go to the Rix Mix website here, and begin unscrewing your brain thoughts for the better.

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