TGIM! The Rooftop Film Club returns

If there’s one thing we love at Best For Film, it’s watching a film somewhere unusual. Our favourite locations have included Docklands warehouses, wooden amphitheatres under flyovers and South Kensington (it’s, like, well French), but one outrĂ© venue still has our heart despite the growing number of unusual screenings being organised across London. The Queen of Hoxton, a gorgeous pub just round the corner from Best For Film Towers, is that venue, and its Rooftop Film Club looks once again like it’s going to be the highlight of our summer.

Starting tomorrow, the Rooftop Film Club will be serving up five films a week until the end of August on the Queen of Hoxton’s cosy roof terrace. Cold beer, tasty food, comfy chairs and high quality wireless headphones combine to provide perhaps the perfect cinematic experience – drink, eat, smoke (in a marked-off area, apparently), luxuriate in the last flickers of the evening sun and glory in the fact that even if everyone else is talking about TOWIE you’ll only be able to hear the dialogue onscreen. It’s a must for cinema pedants.

We’re also thrilled to learn that the RFC isn’t confining itself to Shoreditch this year; it’s already made a brief appearance at the Yard Theatre (cf. this TGIM! blog), but May 1st heralds its true expansion. West Londoners can flock to Kensington Roof Gardens, which will be playing host to screenings all summer (the price of your ticket includes freshly prepared fish and chips, burger or hot dog), and London Fields’ creative hub Netil House is being further enlivened with a Rooftop Film Club residency on the top of its HQ. Each venue will be screening different films, so check them all out – perhaps you’ll end up finding a new favourite spot in London in pursuit of the perfect rom-com or classic movie!

Alas, the intimate atmosphere at RFC comes at a price. Only 100 tickets are available for each screening, and with 100+ sold out nights last summer you’d better believe that they don’t hang around. Don’t lose heart, though! There are still plenty of tickets left, and a quick glance at the website tells us that extra tickets for this week’s launch screenings have just been released. The selection is virtually endless – depending on where you end up you could find yourself watching cult hits like The Big Lebowski or Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, immersive fantasy like The Neverending Story or The Troll Hunter, enduring romances like When Harry Met Sally or Notting Hill or even classics like Casablanca or Some Like It Hot. If you don’t fancy any of those then frankly you don’t belong on this site.

You can find more information, including full listings, and book your tickets here. We’ll see you at the bar!

Will you be attending the Rooftop Film Club? Let us know below!

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