The Top 10 Roles Which Didn’t Require Anne Hathaway

#10 – Princess Diaries
We’ll let this one go

Anne Hathaway can have The Princess Diaries; it was her first big hit and, let’s face it, nobody else would want the role anyway.


#9 – Alice In Wonderland
Because Tilda Swinton would have been the shiz!

Anne Hathaway was okay in Alice In Wonderland, wasn’t she? But that’s just it; she was only okay. Sure, it wasn’t glaringly horrible but, on the whole, all she did was make her eyes very wide and pose prettily against the moon every once in a while. On the other hand, wouldn’t Tilda Swinton have been bloody amazing? Regal, kindly, beautiful (in a glacial sort of way), she’d definitely have managed to convey that all-important hidden psychosis bubbling beneath the calm surface.


#8 – Bride Wars
Time to mix things up with Jennifer Hudson

Bride Wars was never going to be a brilliant film; two Bridezillas fighting over a wedding venue is old hat, thanks to all those reality TV shows on Living. Kate Hudson versus Anne Hathaway was sort of fine; Anne did the meek to bold thing adequately, but we can’t help but think how much better things would have been with Jennifer Hudson. We know she can do timid, we know she can do sassy and we know she’s ultra-charismatic. Pitching the Hudsons against each other would have been an INSPIRING idea!


#7 -Love And Other Drugs
Amanda Seyfried is the ultimate sexy-vulnerable chick

Anne Hathaway plays the romantic invalid in Love And Other Drugs, starring alongside the ultimate pin-up for girls and boys everywhere, Jake Gyllenhaal. We’d have preferred to see someone like Amanda Seyfried in this role; the blonde Mean Girls star has covered a lot of ground in her career so far, proving that she can do sexy-sexy AND vulnerable. Perfect for this prime Hathaway role.


#6 – Devil Wears Prada
Anna Kendrick deserves more than Twilight!

Has anybody else ever noticed that Hathaway seems to be the queen of the ugly-duckling-to-swan parts? Yeah, us too. Has anybody ever noticed that she achieves this solely by frizzing up her hair and wearing lots of layers? Yup, we’re obviously all on the same page with this one. So, rather than let Hathaway treat us to another carefully styled bad hair day, why not let Anna Kendricks take on the role of Andrea in Devil Wears Prada? She’s a stellar actress, naturally a little bit awkward and is no stranger to plain-girl roles either. Give Kendrick a chance!


#5 – Get Smart
The name is Jones. Felicity Jones…

This Steve Carell film was described as being “staggeringly unfunny” all the way through. Now we KNOW Steve is usually pretty witty and, sure, it’s probably down to the script, but we couldn’t help but wonder how things would have played out if Felicity Jones had stepped into the role of Agent 99. Less well-known than Hathaway, sure, but she’s just such a great dramatic actress; it would have been far more fun to see Miss Jones adopt the persona of the disdainful and adept spy, don’t you think?


#4 – Brokeback Mountain
Save the gritty drama for Amy Adams

The main issue I have (and the whole team at BFF have) with Anne Hathaway is that, no matter what role she takes on, she IS Anne Hathaway. |There’s just no getting away from it. Whilst some actresses slip seamlessly into roles and completely shed all of their past performances, Hathaway in Brokeback Mountain just led to a lot of confusion as we all wondered what the girl from The Princess Diaries was doing with her top off. Amy Adams, as proven in The Fighter, would have been the number one girl for this juicy role.


#3 – Les Misérables
How about someone who can actually sing?

We’ve touched briefly on this subject before; the casting at Les Mis has gotten wildly out of hand. Anne Hathaway’s singing performances, to date, comprise her little skit at the Oscars and not much else. Does that count? We don’t think it counts. Emmy Rossum, on the other hand, is a talented little whatsit and she’s disappeared from the radar since her Phantom Of The Opera days. Unless you watch Shameless, that is. Ditch Hathaway and give Rossum the break she’s been hoping for, please!


#2 – The Dark Knight Rises
If you can’t have Michelle Pfeiffer, go for Mila Kunis

Anne Hathaway is Catwoman. Did you know that Anne Hathaway was Catwoman? Don’t you think someone as smouldering as Mila Kunis should be the feline crusader instead? We know for a fact she’s a fab actress and extremely flexible, thanks to her stint in Black Swan, and there’s absolutely no doubt that she’d look damn fine in a leotard! Miaow Mila, goodbye Anne.


#1 – One Day
Hathaway ruined it; if only they’d cast Jessica Brown-Findlay instead…

What’s that? You’ve got a role in an English drama for someone who can do a good regional accent? Then why in the name of all that is holy did you hire an American actress to do the job?! Anne Hathaway’s terrible Yorkshire-meets-Brooklyn vocals ruined the highly-anticipated One Day for the majority of those who loved the book. If only they’d cast the amazingly adept Jessica Brown-Findlay, best known for her role as Lady Sybil in Downton Abbey. This little diamond in the rough is busy climbing the career ladder and recently impressed with her performance in feature film Albatross. She’s pretty, she’s charming, she’s vivacious and generally wonderful; in short, she would have acted the socks off Hathaway!

Who else deserves to take over Anne Hathaway’s career? Let us know below!

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