Top 10 underwater creatures in film

Finding Nemo 3D rolls out over this Easter weekend in a blatant attempt to get parents to take their stir-crazy offspring to see it. Don’t misunderstand, it’s a brilliant film that adults can get into as well; and it gave audiences one of animation’s best characters in the forgetful Dory. Here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure:

On that note. we’re in a deep sea mood today at BFF, so here’s a rundown of the ten best underwater film characters.


#10 – Bernie and Ernie (A Shark’s Tale)

Rasta jellyfish are good pals to have if you’re on an adventure. They can entertain you with their quirky accents and unusual hair. Or at least that’s what Dreamworks reckoned when they created these “hip” characters to assist the hero. On the plus side, Shark’s Tale is funny, family friendly fodder. If you’re at a loose end on Easter Sunday, pop this on.


#9 – Jaws (as in Jaws)

One of the most legendary underwater dwellers in cinema history, with a ridiculous set of pearly-whites that can obliterate anything in their path. While Finding Nemo 3D is definitely one you’ll want to take the kids to, the same can’t be said for Jaws. They’ll wail their little eyes out.


#8 – The creature from the Black Lagoon (Creature From The Black Lagoon)

Described as a clawing monster from a lost age on the original poster for the film; this scaly being from the depths of the Amazon has a set of lips that would make the cast of The Only Way is Essex well jel. Also, this guy rises from the sea and gets to sweep all the women wearing tight white bikinis off their feet. What a lad.


#7 – Davy Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest)

The only creature on this list to have tentacles for a beard, Davy proved to be a tough enemy for Captain Jack Sparrow and co. to face in Dead Man’s Chest. He’s utterly repulsive to be honest. Just look at him. He probably gets all sorts of food caught in that beard, and the tentacles look like they smell funny. He is SUCH a massive weirdo.


#6 – Cleo (Pinocchio)

This little swimmer is companion to Pinocchio and has a love/hate relationship with Pinocchio’s cat Figaro, who surprisingly doesn’t seem to want to eat Cleo, quite the opposite in fact. Figaro shares a “kiss” with her in the animated film when he ignores his inherent dislike of water and jumps into her fish bowl. Luckily they don’t ACTUALLY mate.


#5 – Sharktopus (Sharktopus)

It’s a shark crossbred with an octopus. It has eight legs and large teeth and can somehow get onto dry land and rip your head from it’s socket. Also, it is probably one of the most ridiculous names for a fictional sea creature ever. If it came after you, you’d probably spend fifteen minutes laughing at its name before it CONFISCATED YOUR LIFE.


#4 – Willy (Free Willy)

Let’s move away from killer sea creatures and remember that some of them actually take the time out of their busy schedules to befriend and help humans. If you didn’t watch Free Willy at some point when you were a child, you only had half a childhood. Who could forget that ending with Willy gracefully leaping from the ocean in an arc over Jesse’s head?


#3 – Madison (Splash!)

Everyone loves a mermaid. What could be sexier than a woman-fish hybrid that’s played by Daryl Hannah? Madison rules because she saves Tom Hanks’ Allen Bauer from a watery death, and then captures his heart in her fishing net of love.


#2 – Sebastian (The Little Mermaid)

ALTOGETHER NOW: “Under da sea/Under da sea/Darling it’s better, down where’s it’s wetter/Take it from me”. What is it with kids’ films and Jamaican sidekicks? Sebastian was the best deep sea pal Ariel could hope for (he is miles cooler than Flounder and could play clam shells like drums at will) yet she STILL ditched him to go and get some action with a male land lubber. Foolish girl! Rock on, Sebastian.


#1 – Piranhas (Piranha 3D/Piranha 3DD)

After Jaws, these sneaky little ankle-slashers are the most feared and legendary terror of the deep blue sea. So awesome are they, that they’ve been given the 3D treatment twice, one time with David Hasselhoff. Plus, they’ve probably had more action with Kelly Brook than you ever will. So there.

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