Valentine’s Day Films Survey

It’s simple, really. We want to find out what you do on Valentine’s Day that’s filmy, either with a partner or drowning your sorrows in tear-soaked popcorn and Jim Beam.

Fill in our super-short Valentine’s Day films survey now!

We want to know if you love rom-coms as much as they love you, or if you think some kind of UN protocol should be established to halt the fluffy-toy based pandemic.

We want to know if you’ve ever (no, seriously) wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw.

And we want to know what you think is genuinely the most romantic film in the world. Let’s show the world what films really show off love properly!

We’re already fascinated by your eye-popping honesty (seriously, kudos to whichever of you decided “Snatch” was your favourite romance romper), and can’t wait to see what you really think of this much-mocked genre.

So keep the entries flooding in! Our Valentine’s Day films survey is short and sweet, we promise – fill it in RIGHT NOW and we’ll get down on one knee in the exotic location of your choice!


With internationally-franchised, Richard Curtis-flavoured Hugh-Grant-starring love from Best For Film xxx

Top romantic films of all time – as voted by you

Brief Encounter
Dirty Dancing
Pretty Woman
Love, Actually
The English Patient
The Princess Bride

These are some of the most romantic films ever as listed by our survey entrants. Agree? Disagree? If you need more inspiration for Valentine’s Day, check out our Top 10 date movies. Or fill in the quick survey and have your say!

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