6 new images from The Amazing Spider-Man

Yeah, yeah, yeah, new pictures, Andrew Garfield, basketball, very exciting etc – GIVE US A NEW TRAILER MARC WEBB. YOU KNOW WHAT WE WANT, JUST GIVE IT TO US. After last week’s trailer MANIA (Dark Knight? Prometheus? The Hobbit?!), team Spider-Man is continuing to play it cool with us, squeezing out 6 new pictures but holding out on a second trailer. We’re fine with that. Really. For now.

Use your mind to make the pictures move, and it’s ALMOST LIKE A SNIPPET OF A oh forget it:

Why are you so afraid, tall, mad looking basketball man? Know you not that Peter fights on the side of FAIR SPORTING PRACTICE?

A few more days. It’s going to happen. We can feel it.

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