New image from Pixar’s Brave

We really, really need Brave to be ace. After the engine-stall that was Cars 2, and the surprisingly strong recent run from Dreamworks (How To Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda 2...), it’s beginning to feel like the golden studio of Pixar might be losing their edge. It’s up to the Scot fairytale Brave to bring our wavering loyalty back, and judging by the amount of pretty, magic lights that they’ve included in the marketing so far, we’re feeling positive. If there’s one thing we seasoned film buffs approve of, it’s magic lights.

SO, new picture! It’s princess Merida! She’s bad-ass! You can tell cos she’s SHOOTING AN ARROW, and there’s nothing ANYONE can do about it!

We can’t really be expecting a second trailer for Brave anytime soon, seeing as we got our sticky hands on the first one not that long ago. But still, we have high hopes for this tale of a highland princess entangled in an epic, bears-and-magic based quest. We’ve got till August to wait until the official release, so there’s still plenty of time for us to forget all about the ill-fated Cars sequel, our ol’ pal Mater and his questionable romances…

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