Amanda Seyfried goes all Jolie in new trailer for Gone

Apparently tired of being ‘delicate young girl who gradually learns things’, the time has come for Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia, Chloe, Red Riding Hood) to start being in films where she Does Proper Stuff. Enter Gone, a thriller about a young lass who’s forced to track down a killer when her sister goes missing. The Cops think she’s crazy. But should we? Have a little look, and marvel at how the length of Amanda Seyfried’s hair continues to be inversely proportional to how logical her characters are:

We’ve got to give a bit of credit to miss Seyfried, she’s launched herself fairly fearlessly at a genre that she’s had little to no experience, and it’s not like she’s buffered by a cast full of mega-stars. So will this be the film that makes us rank her with the likes of Jolie for versatility? We shall have to wait and see. The premise is interesting, the trailer is pacy and well-shot, all in all we’re intrigued. Gone isn’t out in the UK until late February, so we’ve got plenty of time to ruminate…

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