ANOTHER new trailer for Tarantino’s Django Unchained

Jeepers, slow down, Django, at this rate you’ll be leaving us for dust. Having released a completely glorious first full trailer for his upcoming western Django Unchained, Tarantino is now apparently just showing off; treating us to ANOTHER trailer that showcases even more sumptuous bits. And remember, the D is silent.

Those who obsessively watched last week’s trailer over and over until their eyelashes began to fall off (JUST DRAW THEM BACK ON, WE FIND) will see there’s a lot of familiar territory in this new peek. Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz striding like ballers in the dusty Old West, getting ever closer to the ranch of the devious Leonardo Di Caprio – the man who bought Django (Foxx)’s wife (Kerry Washington) when they were both slaves. Only this time, JAMIE FOXX WEARS REALLY EXCITING SUNGLASSES AT ONE POINT:

Also, bare backed wrestling. How could we forget to mention the bare back wrestling? Now that we’ve started to get a proper handle on the relationship between Foxx’s ex-slave and Waltz’s bounty hunter, what say ye to a more in-depth look at DiCaprio’s villain Calvin Candie? Come on Quentin, don’t hold out on us now, not when you have our attention…

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