Awesome title of the day: The Knights of Badassdom

As far as titles go, The Knights of Badassdom is surely one that’s gonna make folks prick up their ears and say, “Hey, I wonder what the chuff that’s all about?”, along with other such movies as Surf Nazis Must Die, Santa Claus vs The Martians and our particular favourite, The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies.

Still, at least The Knights of Badassdom has a better reason for its bizarre title than 50’s naivety or nasty 80’s excess. Badassdom is the latest in a line of movies aimed squarely at the geek market – see Scott Pilgram vs. The World for further details – this time concerning a bunch of spods who primarily spend their time playing Live Action Role Play – that’s right, poncing about in a forest dressed as an elf with a cardboard sword and a +8 dexterity vest knitted by your dear old ma (Just kidding, guys! We’d all do it if we had the cojones to dress like that).

This one sounds a bit more interesting though – after purchasing a mysterious book on eBay, the Knights accidentally release a soul-hungry (Kandarian?) demon who ruthlessly starts hunting ’em down. Can the guys rise to the challenge and be the heroes they’re always pretending to be? Heck knows, but it may well be worth finding out. Prince Caspian‘s Peter Dinklage is set to star, and the only thing that’s got us panicked is it’s gonna be helmed by Joe Lynch, whose last was film was – oh, dear – Wrong Turn 2

So, are the LARPers ripe for ripping into, or is this more a case of the rise of the roleplayers? Leave us your thoughts below!

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