Beyoncé no longer starring in A Star Is Born

Beyoncé Knowles has dropped out of Clint Eastwood‘s remake of rock-musical A Star Is Born, citing scheduling conflicts. The plot concerns the story of an aging musician struggling to deal with his waning success when he encounters an aspiring singer who he takes under his wing.

The film has been remade twice already, with Judy Garland and Barbara Streisand playing the titular roles respectively. Beyoncé was due to take the leading role and had been working with Clint Eastwood for months to synchronise their schedules but with so many engagements and no officially confirmed start date for shooting, the singer has opted to bow out of the production altogether.

This is just the latest in several blips on the road to A Star Is Born going into production. Beyoncé was due to begin work on the film when production had to be delayed due to the Dreamgirls actress unexpectedly falling pregnant. Further hindering the production, Clint Eastwood has yet to snag a male lead for the role, so the film is effectively in limbo until he can replace Beyoncé and find his leading man. Leonardo Di Caprio, Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper have all been attached to the project at one time or another but have all declined the opportunity to work on the feature. There is word that jazz artist Esperanza Spalding could be tipped to take Beyoncé’s place but this has not been confirmed.

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