Brendan Fraser to star in William Tell 3D

Has there ever been an actor more hell-bent on having a laugh then Brendan Fraser? We honestly doubt it. The 42-year old actor has apparently signed on to do William Tell 3D, yet another Sunday morning matinee-style romp to add to his long CV. In fact, there’s not really much point to Brendan Fraser making this, considering we could probably splice together scenes from Dudley Do-Right (rolling hills and lush scenery) and Inkheart (medieval villages and assorted things from THE PAST).

The movie has apparently been in the works for some time now, but has only just got an actual start date due to the recent involvement of Eric Brevig, who directed the previous Fraser hit Journey to the Centre of the Earth. (Ah, ‘hit’. Such a relative term.)

While the film promises to be at least mildly offensive to Swiss people, historical enthusiasts and film lovers alike, we’re still pleased for Brendan Fraser that he’s found a new hat to run around in. It’s so Canadian of him.

Leave a comment if the Mummy franchise was your favourite thing when you were twelve.

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