Call of Duty Called to the Box Office

The title says it all, really. It was bound to happen, especially when you look at the numbers. Released on November 10th, the multi-platform video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 sold 4.7 million units in the first 24 hours of release in UK and US alone – considering the game is about £40 a pop and that’s near-as-dammit to £200 million in less than a day.

Hardly surprising then, that Hollywood has come sniffing around the franchise. The first game concerned the adventures of SAS commando “Soap” MacTavish battling nuclear terrorists and one-armed Russian sociopaths, while we’re not sure about the second ’cause we can’t afford to buy it AND WE DON’T WANT IT SPOILED FOR US. We’re not going to read any of the comments either, so don’t think you can get us like that, Sneaky Pete.

The frantic action and in-depth storyline of Modern Warfare certainly lends itself to a cinematic outing. The other bit of good news we’ve heard – via the New York Post – that Kevin McKidd, who voices MacTavish in the games, has hinted that it’s in the works. Could be a winner, we reckon, if only for the fact we might get a decent video game adaptation in the near future (though we’re the optimistic about the upcoming Prince of Persia film). One thing’s still niggling at us though – is there an actor on Earth that would be able to capture the majesty of Captain Price’s kickass moustache? Wait, is David Niven dead?

He is?


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