Can we talk about Miley Cyrus’s face in the LOL trailer?

QUESTION. What is the worst thing about the trailer for LOL?

Is it that it gives away the entire plot (“Lol” breaks up with douche boyfriend, flirts with sexy friend, dates sexy friend, Demi Moore is worried about her GRADES HER GRADES SHE WAS SO SMART BEFORE, doubts arise about sexy friend’s fidelity, sexy friend sings her song, HAPPINESS AND FACEBOOK FOR ALL!) or is it that all the characters spend the whole trailer (and therefore, obviously, the whole film) half-heartedly delivering dreary platitudes to one another?

Could it be one of these soul-crushingly bland, largely erroneous soundbites?:

“Here we are just going with the flow. Trying to love and laugh out loud.”
“This is so NOT the perfect day.”
“Friendship is not that easy to turn into love.”
“It’s so good to love someone so much it hurts.”

Or maybe it’s the fact that in a film seemingly all about the prevalence of social networking in modern teenage culture, they show a NON-EXISTENT version of Facebook on which you can write things like “Status: Boyfriend”? Is that it?

NOPE. NOPE IT’S NOT ANY OF THOSE THINGS IT’S MILEY CYRUS’S FACE LOOK AT IT LOOK AT IT. What’s happening to it? It looks like she ate some bad seafood about an hour ago and then just realised she left the front door unlocked.

Someone, please get in touch with Miley Cyrus and ask if her gastrointestinal system is in full working order.

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