Darren Aronofsky teams up with George Clooney

Since the news that The Darronofsker (yeah that’s right, we’re word weavers) dropped Wolverine 2, we’ve all been desperate to know what his next project will be. And now we know. And it sounds mental. Thank goodness for that.

It looks like the director of Pi, Requiem For A Dream, The Wrestler and more recently Black Swan will be taking on a new film called Human Nature, penned by screen-writer Jeff Welch. It centres on a man who, after being cryogenically frozen for many years, awakes to find that all human beings have been reduced to pets for an alien race. Sounds dark, surreal and heavy on the visuals – basically perfect for Aronofsky.

George Clooney will be taking the lead role – a very good move for the veteran superstar. After years of smoothing his way through film after film he finally proved his acting chops in last year’s The American. It will be great to see what he can do under the pressure of one of the industry’s most demanding directors…

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