Django Unchained trailer finally hits. And it’s awesome.

After giving us but a hint of their cinematic spoils yesterday, team Django have made good on their promise – GIFTING US ALL with a first proper trailer. And it’s just grand. Filled with action, humour, a blistering soundtrack and Leo DiCaprio looking like he’s having the time of his life, it’s safe to say our expectations couldn’t be higher. And that always ends well, right?

The trailer basically runs us through the story we already know – Jamie Foxx’s ex-slave Django teaming up with Christoph’s Waltz’s bounty hunter in order to wreak vengeance on an evil plantation owner (DiCaprio). But although we’re in the presence of a bona fide Western, it couldn’t have more TARANTINO stamped all over it. Take a look:


The blood-splattered flora, the soul-bursting 70s soundtrack (THAT IS HOW YOU DO A 70S SOUNDTRACK, DARK SHADOWS ), the one-liners, the vaguely Girl With The Dragon Tattoo-esque titles – it’s a trailer that oozes gleeful confidence. What can a mere mortal do except be caught up in it?

Django Unchained doesn’t hit the UK until January of next year but, like a faithful mistress, we’re prepared to wait.

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