Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark creeps onto the calendar

Del Toro hasn’t had it all his own way lately. The Hobbit, or rather, New Zealand made him home sick, causing him to drop out of a project that could well have set his name in stone as a god of directors (if Pan’s Labyrinth hadn’t already managed it), and then his beloved project Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark came unstuck. In essence, Miramax had to drop the film’s release date as Disney, it’s previous owner, stumbled to agree with the new owners over the marketing and distribution of Del Toro’s fright-fest.

Things have finally taken a turn for the better, as Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark has received a US cinema release date of the 12th August 2011 (still no word on a UK release date, but we’ll keep you posted).

A remake of the cult 1973 TV film, Del Toro has co-written and produced what looks like his standard gothic-mind-bender of a film. So close the door, turn the lights off, and prepare to let out a little pee as you watch this trailer:

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