Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, Katie Holmes.

Having helped save Gotham City from The Scarecrow’s fear toxin and watched her husband mistake Oprah Winfrey’s studio for a trampoline, you could have been forgiven for presuming that level something-or-other Scientologist Katie Holmes was the bravest woman in Tinseltown. Hell, the woman has probably even shared a changing room with Victoria Beckham.

Not so, according to the New York Daily News. It turns out the Dawson’s Creek star-turned-wife of Tom Cruise is a big fraidy cat, having given herself the willies during the shoot for her new film, the Guillermo del Toro written Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark; quite an accomplishment for a woman who, until reading the script, believed she was an immortal being who had forgotten her true nature.

Having slept with the light on throughout filming, Holmes told the newspaper:

“Guillermo created a very real world with people that seem normal with real problems, so they are very relatable. They can be any one of us. Therefore the monsters, the creatures could invade any of our houses, which makes it scarier.”

Either way, this has suddenly become a must-see movie. I hope to L. Ron Hubbard that she is quoted on the poster.

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