Evangeline Lilly set to star in Ant-Man

Because the one immutable rule of blockbusters is MAKE SURE SOMEONE HAS (OFFSCREEN) SEX, the lovely Evangeline Lilly is reportedly being shoehorned into Marvel’s forthcoming it’s-not-the-size-it’s-how-you-use-it flick Ant-Man. You’d think a multi-franchise with Joss Whedon at its heart would do a bit better than this, wouldn’t you? We are not at all impressed with Edgar ‘my films are all about blokes down the pub’ Wright today.

Industry insiders are reportedly suggesting that Lilly, last seen in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, could be playing the daughter of Michael Douglas’ character Hank Pym (and therefore, obviously, the love interest of Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang). Pym doesn’t have a daughter in the comics, but Marvel’s invented plenty of new characters for the films now – it wouldn’t surprise anyone if they conjured a new female lead for the sake of the story. Lang, however, does have a daughter – Cassie Lang is a superhero in her own right, with the same size-manipulation powers as her father – but at just ten years younger than Rudd, we can’t see Lilly playing his kid. Although we can see Michael Douglas hitting on her. Ugh.

Ignoring the probable route for a second, though, can we just stop and be irritated by yet another talented, capable actress being (almost certainly) sidelined into a daughter/romantic interest role? Once you’ve decided you’re going to play fast and loose with the comics, Edgar, there’s no reason not to take the bull by the horns and actually write a female part worth having. Why couldn’t Lilly play another hero – God knows there are enough to choose from – or, in point of fact, just have one of the leads? You’ve made Nick Fury and Heimdall black without anyone but idiots caring, I reckon we’d cope with Ant-Woman. Or, OR, just let her play The Wasp! She’s a classic Avenger – with an earlier join-up date than Captain America, no less – who can not only grow and shrink but also FLY and ZAP FOOLS WITH BIOELECTRICITY. And she’s Pym’s partner, so even the slavering old men in the Marvel boardroom will be happy. It’s unfortunate that when she isn’t suited up she’s a fashion designer, but feminism is a work in progress.

Do you know how many superpowered females have appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel? We do. It’s two; the Lady Sif, who is routinely shoved to the back of every shot in Thor and Thor: The Dark World, and Pepper Potts for a whole three minutes at the end of Iron Man 3, after which Tony ‘fixes her’ because ain’t no bitch being stronger than Iron Man. That’s it; Black Widow and Peggy Carter are just women with good hair and guns who flesh out the posters, and they don’t count. Something needs to be done, and making Evangeline Lilly kiss Paul Rudd’s stupid pointy head isn’t it.

Would you like to see a Marvel heroine who’s actually got some oomph? Let us know below!

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