First trailer for Sundance winner Like Crazy

Every filmmaker who rocks up to Sundance hopes to take it by storm, so director Drake Doremus must be feeling pretty smug at the reception for his film Like Crazy. Winning the Grand Jury Prize as well as Best Actress for its lead Felicity Jones – it’s beginning to look like this is a romance flick that we simply can’t miss. Trailer ahoy!

Centring on the relationship that blossoms between two students, and the subsequent heartache when one has to leave the other to return to native soil, Like Crazy basically looks like it’s main objective is to break your heart. But in a lovely shots, fresh faces, lo-fi tragedy kind of way. Take a look at the trailer below – and, as a small aside, turn the volume UP, it’s rather difficult to make out the dialogue otherwise.

Nice, right? It’s not out in the UK until early next year, so we’ve got plenty of time to get obsessed with the two break-out leads, tell everyone that WE’RE not going to cry at the bloody thing and line our tear ducts with MAN-STEEL. Good.

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