Frankenstein lives again!

In the latest remake news, the suits have discovered another piece of literature that hasn’t been ‘re-imagined’ for a few years, and are wiring up a reboot of Frankenstein.

Details are sketchy at this point, but given the recent rash of horror classics being grave-robbed it makes me nervous to see what Sony will do with this. Dracula is a literary masterpiece, but the vampire myth it typified has been bastardized enough in films like Twilight, and worrying whispers are surfacing that a new version of the original tale is in the works, starring Sam Worthington (Oh no…..)

OK rant over, but what is a concern is that Frankenstein is such a seminal horror tale, with its Freudian subtext, body horror iconography and characters heavy with both hubris and pathos. Sounds perfect for a David Cronenberg-style visual nightmare, but who am I kidding? We’ll probably end up with swathes of teenage girls running around with “Team Frankenstein” or “Team Monster” T shirts on…..

We’ll keep you posted on any developments, but please Sony, do a masterpiece justice!

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