Green Lantern sequel on the way

Despite being rinsed by the critics and pulling in only a third of its budget so far, it looks like we can look forward to the return of Hal Jordan. Warner Bros have confirmed that they’re going ahead with another Green Lantern flick, with the philosophy that it’s better to make a crap superhero film than, like, some other film that would probably be crap. Great.

Ever since the very first neon-play-doh inspired trailers flopped their way online, we weren’t too sure about how Green Lantern would translate to the big screen; Hal isn’t exactly the most well known hero in the DC universe, and was probably never going to ignite the passion that Superman or Batman did in the film-going world. The outcome itself was at best disappointing: a weak story, dodgy CG and a leading man who is capable of a lot more than doing quippy one-liners in small shorts. Is it worth giving it another try? Warner Bros evidently think so, having gotten a writer on-board and the cast presumably locked-in by contract.

We’d rather they freed up Ryan Reynolds to do more interesting stuff (Deadpool anyone?) but for now we’ll just have to cross our ring-encrusted fingers and focus our emerald energy of will-power on reversing this decision…

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