Guy Ritchie linked to Xerxes – the 300 prequel

Say what you will about 300, it succeeded in all its aims; it brought Frank Miller’s graphic novel to life, it ran a horse-and-carriage-worth of artistic licence through historical accuracy, and it managed to make slow-motion-muscle-bound-heroes appealing to boys, men and women alike. Yes, the script was awful, and yes, it was just a touch racist in its depiction of ‘Evil East’ vs ‘Heavenly West’, but Zach Snyder and Warner Bros. couldn’t frankly give a damn.

So what can we expect from the prequel project? The film is set to follow the war machine that is Xerxes, the god-like ruler of the Achamenid Empire who takes on the Spartans in 300 – so we’re probably going to get more massive armies and strange beasts, rather than 8-pac clad Greek types.

Due to Snyder’s commitments with the new Superman project, a different director for Xerxes is to be sought. The world on the internet-street (thanks to Vulture of NY Mag) is that Guy Richie is to be handed the role of director, given his recent success in handling Sherlock Holmes, but no official confirmation has come from Warner Bros. as of yet.

Watch this space as to whether Ritchie is really the man for the job.

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