How To Train Your Dragon 2 set to be even bigger than original

Everyone needs some How To Train Your Dragon news in their lives. Which is why executive producer Tim Johnson has come up trumps by announcing that the sequel will be even bigger than the original. With a release date of 2013, this is a fast turn around for the Dreamworks boys, but if anyone can do it, they can. Although the claim that they are terrified of how they are going to pull it off is a bit concerning…

The promise is for lots of new characters and the same dark and dramatic themes. Hopefully, these new characters won’t be limited to Vikings, as I for one would love to see the more bizarre dragons from the books realised in CGI. Sharkworm dragons and Monstrous strangulators anyone?

For now, we will have to content ourselves with the promised TV spin off, hopefully due sometime next year, and the realisation that soon children will be asking for dragons instead of ponies on their Christmas wish lists.

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