Inside Llewyn Davis gets a new trailer

There’s a shiny new UK trailer for the next Coen Brothers film and it has us dangerously close to peeing our pants. Inside Llewyn Davis follows a broke and tattered folk singer as he tries to make a reasonable living with his guitar and soulful voice. And cat.

The eponymous hero is played by Oscar Isaac, who we’ll have to forgive for being in Sucker Punch. He’s joined by an understatedly stellar cast, including British babe Carey Mulligan, Girls’ Adam Driver, Coen stalwart John Goodman, and, well, Justin Timberlake. Here, have a watch:

The Brothers Coen delight in making wildly unexpected films. There have been Westerns, romcoms, noirs – they even adapted The Odyssey that time. Inside Llewyn Davis doesn’t look anything like any of their previous films (it’s probably closest to the bits of Barton Fink that aren’t balls out cray) but it does look spectacular. And we have high hopes for the music too, based solely on how often we listen to the soundtrack from O Brother, Where Art Thou.

Really guys, seriously, we can’t quite explain how very much we’re looking forward to this one. Just look at Carey Mulligan’s excellent acting on the word “obviously.”

Inside Llewyn Davis is out in the UK next month – go and watch the trailer again, then get your waiting face on.

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