Joel Kinnaman confirmed for Robocop remake

Swedish-American actor Joel Kinnaman has been confirmed as the intermittently-robotic star of next year’s planned reboot of 80s sci-fi Robocop. Blah.

Kinnaman, who is best known for doing something in the US remake of Forbrydelsen and being murdered by Ryan Reynolds in Safe House, has finally hit the big time after being shortlisted for the lead role in 2011’s Thor. José Padilha is signed up to direct the remake of the 1987 film, in which a heroic policeman is killed in the line of duty and then resurrected as a cyborg policeman with a really, really good jawline.

More to the point, when will Hollywood stop rehashing kitsch 80s sci-fi/action films and come up with some new ones? You’re not telling us that In Time is genuinely the best this generation can offer…

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