Joseph Gatt joins Star Trek 2

Model, video game voiceover artist and sometime actor Joseph Gatt, who is currently known for playing one of those blue fellows in Thor and practically nothing else, has somehow landed a role in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek 2. Redshirt, anyone?

Gatt, who played ‘Frost Giant Grundroth’ (classy) in the Marvel superhero epic, joins fellow Brit newcomers Benedict Cumberbatch and Noel Clarke as the start date for production of the sequel draws ever closer.

Paramount reps would not reveal Gatt’s role, and Captain Abrams himself coyly hinted that the entire world’s assumption re: Bandersnatch playing the newest villain to threaten the Federation might not be too accurate either. OOH, DRAMA! Anyway, Star Trek 2‘s start date has now been revised to Thursday and we can expect to see it from May next year.

Are you Joseph Gatt? If not, have you not heard of him either? That’s a relief.

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