Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy to tie the knot

After dating for a year, the blondiest of blondes and the shrilliest of shrillers are preparing to wed. Bless them. The actress admitted her engagement to Muse front-man on the Today show after a presenter noticed her ring, stating “”It just happened a week ago. I’m so glad you noticed. I haven’t really announced it. … I was waiting for someone to notice.”

Kate Hudson (of various dreadful rom-coms fame) and the Muse-ic man met last year at The Coachella festival, and within a few months were expecting a wee bairn. They announced the pregnancy in January, but there’s no word as yet at to whether the wedding will take place before or after the birth. That aside, we can tell you that the couple are expecting a girl after a “pendulum test” – yep, that’s holding a pendulum over the mother’s stomach and assessing the gender based on which direction it swings. If only there was some other way of unearthing this information that wasn’t total, utter bollocks…

Anyway, congrats to the both of them! We wish them extremely well, and only hope there’s no such thing as a pendulum birth.

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