Kathryn Bigelow project to incorporate Bin Laden death

How’s that for topical, anti-terrorism fans? Kathryn Bigelow, whose 2008 Iraq drama The Hurt Locker stole both the Best Picture and Best Director Oscars from under ex-husband Jim Cameron’s magical blue nose, is to tweak her as-yet-untitled latest feature to incorporate the recent death of Osama Bin Laden.

The film, which has been scripted by Hurt Locker writer Mark Boal (who also won an Oscar for it, dontcha know), is about a team of American special ops soldiers – and as luck would have it, it seems the fearsomely well-informed Boal had actually based his screenplay on the team of Navy SEALs which encroached on Pakistani sovereign territory arbitrarily murdered a sick man killed Bin Laden two days ago. Needless to say, the script is now being tweaked to include the forty-minute gunfight which shook the world this weekend. Funny how there’s no such thing as ‘too soon’ when you’re dramatising the death of a bastard, isn’t it?

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