Lay Your Eyes On ‘The Monk’ Trailer

The Monk is all about sexy sexy monks. And it has a brand-new trailer!

Hitting our cinemas on April 27th, the film follows the life of Ambrosio (Vincent Cassel), a man of the cloth so respected and adored that the rest of the monastery will do anything to see him fall.

Cue the beautiful and innocent Antonia, who inspires lust, temptation and (as always) epic-bad consequences.

So what did we glean from that gothic-chiller of a trailer? It’s probably best to break it down…

The Monk film

Just like all humans, monks begin life as infants. Ambrosia is no different.


The Monk film

Ambrosia’s life seems to be going pretty well until THIS creepy-ass dude rocks up. What horrible disfigurement is he hiding under that waxen mask of his?


The Monk film

The monks seem to have a strange ritual where they stick candles on their head and make out that this is completely normal. No wonder Ambrosia’s confused.


The Monk film

Is it just us or does the movie world seem to be abso-bloody-lutely obsessed with crows at the moment? Although they ARE rife with religious symbolism; generally, they don’t mean anything good. Especially when they’re pecking on a man’s sun-dried corpse…


The Monk film trailer



The Monk film trailer

Who’s this guy?!


In short, The Monk looks amazing; we’ve been waiting for what seems like ever for a great film about the corruption of the church and the Spanish inquisition. We consider this our deliverance.

Will you be watching The Monk when it hits your local silver screen?

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