Mark Wahlberg = Nathan Drake

It’s official. Mark Wahlberg will play treasure hunter Nathan Drake in the upcoming film adaptation of the PS3 video game Uncharted – with old pal director David O. Russel at the helm. The two have previously collaborated on Three Kings, i ♥ Huckabees and the upcoming boxing biopicĀ The Fighter, and this next film will raise their tally to four.


Wahlberg may have the necessary experience in terms of stepping into the shoes of a video game character, having previously portrayed the gritty homicide detective Max Payne, but the Indiana Jones-esque Drake will be something entirely different as the Uncharted story is far more likely to be aimed at adventure than action. This explains why the news has already been met with trepidation from fans of the series, who are scratching their heads at the fact that Nathan Fillion (Firefly), on whom the character Nathan Drake is actually based, is nowhere to be seen. It seems likely then that Wahlberg has been chosen over the lesser known Fillion to carry the series commercially. Hopefully this ends up faring better than Max Payne…

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