Bollywood inexplicably plans remake of The Italian Job

In perhaps the most bizarre news of the day, Bollywood filmmakers are remaking classic British crime caper The Italian Job.

Starring Indian superstar star Abhishek Bachchan in Michael Caine’s role, this version also has parts written in for two heroines to balance out the heavily male original cast.

The Directors have bafflingly claimed that their version will be just as good as the 1969 film, which is beloved by fans as a true classic. Bollywood has previously adapted western films to appeal to Indian audiences, with versions of Reservoir Dogs and The Usual Suspects amongst the remakes produced in recent years. Making these films appeal to Indian audiences used to mean toning down all sex or violence, but we are assured that these audiences are now much more liberal in their tastes – so hopefully the Bollywood version of Planet Terror will be in the works soon.

Whether a song and dance routine will be added remains to be seen, but it will soon become clear whether this version will be as good as the 2003 effort, let alone the 1969 original.

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