Michael Clarke Duncan joins Green Lantern cast

It seems a bit late for casting, but Michael Clarke Duncan has just been confirmed as the voice of a plasticky alien in forthcoming superhero carcrash Green Lantern. The Green Mile star will voice Kilowog (a name clearly dreamt up by a writer with no understanding of our colonial past), a trollish gentleman who acts as a drill sergeant for new members of the Green Lantern Corps.

That’s him looking unattractive just above and to the left of this paragraph – the one looking delectable despite his grimace is Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), just such a new recruit. See what we did there? Seamless. Anyway, we’re sure it’ll all come out in the wash – that Comic-Con footage with Geoffrey Rush’s voice coming out of Tomar-Re’s mad bird face was released only a fortnight after Rush started working on the film, so anything’s possible. It’s not enough to stop PURPLE ALIEN MAN looking shit, though, is it? No, it isn’t.


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